Truly Modern Becky

I am a truly modern feminist

What makes me so modern?

Why, well, good question–

I think it’s mostly that I’m young!

Also I believe that

I should be able to write

Poems that don’t reflect

Kindly on myself or

Anyone, for that matter

And if that isn’t progress–

I don’t know what is

I also think I should be able to

Be whatever gender I want, no matter

What my body looks like

I don’t think that this is a

Can of worms for men to open and

Take advantage of bathrooms I think

Gender is meant to be taken

much, much more lightly

Than ya’ll have been taking it

I know I know, sure seem like the one

Who takes gender far too seriously

But take for a minute

That being both

Kinda neutralizes everything

Now imagine if

Everyone didn’t rank each other

By their penises–

What kind of world would that be?

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