More Parallelograms–Ambiguous Thing

Also not everyone can

See my queerness, most people can–

lmao that lady at lowes the other day–

Nowadays I am not ambiguously anything–

I am simply ambiguity!

There is nothing ambiguous about race, at least to

Racists. Anything other than white is what they are

Afraid of. I suppose the root of all these troubles is the

Differences between us. The ones that make us so beautiful and interesting

The things that make the Earth the most valuable, viable, vivacious planet

In the whole galaxy–Differences!

Differences are what make life valuable

Differences are what keeps us from turning into

China. Fuck. did ya’ll watch south park?

Why anyone would want our whole society to be

White and straight is completely beside me–

Those are great, but I’d rather be a columbine

In a field of daisies.

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