Parallel Truths

I know that

Race has a lot of

Parallels with the

Queer experience, but I would never

Be so presumptuous

As to say that they are the

Same, or even vaguely similar–

With race, you can’t hide

You can’t be ambiguous

Your race isn’t fluid

Your race doesn’t evolve or change over time with your perspective

Like race, queerness isn’t a choice–

But, unlike queerness, you have a clear

Heritage. You can be

Proud of who you are, your family–

What you’ve worked through and

Who your ancestors were. For me, I am

Unsure of my heritage, english and french?

My relatives are all poor farmers and our records only go back

60 years, I am just a

A lonely white queer with a pride parade that

Isn’t for her, and a community that isn’t for them, and a

Machismo world that isn’t for him.

I’m not complaining!

Hold the phone!

I’m a queer them in America and there has

Never, ever been a better time to be me–

I’m just saying that I can’t bond

With my grandma over being trans, or

Loving women. I can, however–get advice from my

Trumping deadbeat uncles shitty life, watching him impregnate

Half of central ohio to prove to his daddy that

Condoms are the devil! I’m not proud of him, and

He’s not proud of me. We are not connected in any way shape or form

By our experiences. He would see my life as a

Choice, misguided, the same way I see his.

I have received advice from my grandparents about

How welfare is evil even though they

Live on it, and how people just want an

Easy way out, even though it’s just their

Dozens of illegitimate out-of-wedlock grandkids

Who were brought into this world

With no clear plan.

I can’t bond with any of them, they all

Are brainwashed by what they think

They are expected to be. They also all

Across the board are afraid of me, I have always been

Quiet, pensive and masculine, clearly

Thinking and clearly not idle, clearly

Not going to grow up to be a

Nice christian girl.

Race is not anything like being queer–

But I can understand why someone might

Wear a mask for some, and

Take it off for others.

My issue is that my mask

Has been on so long, I sometimes forget

I’m wearing one.

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