Becky Wants A Band/Jaco’s Ghost

Becky wants a band.

Becky wants it bad…

Becky is hard to work with!

Becky’s ego real big and real delicate.

Becky’s ego so delicate–

How delicate is it, becky?

so delicate, when you try to

Blow it it breaks, so basically

You have to be a

Straight-shooter who likes

Minimalism and expression

But also loves bright colors and


It’s a balance thing, yo but also

Don’t try to fucking blow me

I will explode

I’m not a rainbow when I’m 

Raging through your solo

Cuz you wouldn’t fucking give me the verse I wanted

Fuck this shit !!

Bass is a

Solo instrument and if I have to 

Compromise for somebody else’s

Weak treble tremolo I’m gonna pack up

And get back to jamming with

Jaco’s ghost

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