Fucky Bloody Mary

I am all the things

Queer people aren’t supposed to be.

I am sick, I am fat, I am

Ugly, I am feminine I am

Butch and I am angry.

Every time a queer person

Looks at what they are and

Wishes they were something else, I get

Stereotypically gayer, and my

Penis envy grows. Think of me as the

Fucky Bloody Mary– Whisper

“She’s too butch for me” 3x in a mirror

And I will appear, to put a

Well-lubed finger up your rear–

Every time someone uploads their grindr with

“Masc4masc” I put a wad of

Glitter in your hair

Don’t fucking come at me with your

Internalized fears I am the thing that

Triggers sjw’s and right-winger’s alike

I spook spookers in the night

You can’t talk to me and

Pretend to be something you aren’t, I am

The scariest thing

Anyone closeted

Has ever seen, I am everything


Literally everything. 

You can’t escape

Whichever side you’re on, because

We are all bits of masc and femme,

Exaggerated to make sense of

How we have sex.

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