Ocarina Dollhouse

I didn’t play with dolls–

I played video games.

I used Link as my

Doll, we did

Everything together. We would

Fall into grottos and

Chase around cuckoos for

Pretty redheads

We’d ride our horse

Through every grass patch and

Laugh out asses off when

Bombs came out–

What the fuck kind of

Lawn is that?! Are we in a

War zone?!

Ahhh yes, I spent so long

Daydreaming about Saria’s song

And lusting after Zoro men, all so

Fishy and femme. The women for some reason

In the Zoro kingdom are all so

Bitchy and mean. I’d do anything

To be that lean, sharp and fast–

Playing bass in a band under the sea

Yeaaahhh man, groovy!

I just want to save everybody

So that I can get back my

Ocarina and

Ride off into the sunset

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