Cat Fights

My cat got

Scared near my other cat

From something that fell

In the wind

But he

Poofed and attacked her

And now she

Won’t talk to him

Or look at him

Or be in the same room as him

She just yeowls

And screams and

Growls and moans

Until he leaves

And if he doesn’t

She will scream!!

This cat fight shit has been

Downright annoying.

Two days now of

Nonstop yeowling.

I can’t help but

See myself in my

Little kitty who can’t

Fucking handle that

He isn’t the enemy–

He reacted the wrong way


And that’s all it took

For her to lose

All faith in his camaraderie

They were friends for years and now

They are sworn enemies

Because he was a dick

At the wrong time and place

Cat fights are like

Human fights but

Make more sense.

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