Fickle Fickle

The testosterone has made me

Significantly more impatient

And yet


I am still more patient

Than all of my friends

That I told about the podcast!

I didn’t expect

Much else, honestly–

It’s a weird show and I

Use it too much like a diary

But, to tell you the honest truth–

I really just think

These people were fickle fakes

And that I’m onto something, here.

I don’t need likes or

Approval, I need support and

Shares and dialogue and

More people like Gore and

French and more friends like

Christian! I am blessed.

I am also a bit

Concerned, by the

Incredibly fickle nature

Of my young peers.

Nothing happens quickly

Nothing that is good, or real, or

Ahead of its time, or behind it even–

Happens quickly or

According to a plan that you saw

At a conference one time.

Yes, there are routes

But the journey isn’t finite–

Just because

I am small now

Doesn’t mean I am

Crippled, for life.

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