More Communication—Less Judgement

I get that

Asexual and aromantic identities

Are hard to see

Much like most minorities


So are romantic attractions

I know that

Sexual attractions are sometimes quite


However romantic attraction

And whether or not it is reciprocated

Is basically the subject

Of every story

Again, I know that this is

What the asexuals are complaining about

And I agree! Our world needs

More platonic hierarchy

More friends and

Fewer exes would make everyone

Much happier

I’m just trying to emphasize

That figuring out wether or not

Someone is romantically interested in you

Or you in them

Is very challenging

And often damn near debilitating

Sometimes it never really happens

Until it’s too late!


Just because

Your romantic asexual relationship

Is struggling with mixed desires

Doesn’t mean that

Two sexual people

Don’t have compatibility problems ?!

Boy I tell you what

I am sexual

My ex was sexual, is sexual —

And we had a bullshit time!

So, just remember that

Aromantics are not being

Persecuted by romantics,

We are all just trying to make sense

Of the ticking in our heads

Asexuals are not being

Persecuted by sexuals,

We are all just trying

To understand what comes next

And unfortunately we don’t all

Agree on what that is

So perhaps

Better communication

And less judgement

Is the goal we all share

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