Kink and Queer/Distillation

It really seems to suck

For everyone

That Queer stuff

And kink

Are always pre-packaged together

By bigots

Queers are not kinky, and

Kink is not queer, but

You can be both, or one or the other

And still be included in the queer community–

However, to be a

Queer identifying person

And to experience

So much assumption and bigotry

About your sexual preferences

Is obnoxiously tiring and annoying–

Nobody deserves that.

It’s also unfair to kinky people

To be assumed to be queer, just because

They are kinky in some way or another.

I happen to be a bit both but

I don’t really want to talk about it as if

They are the same.

I don’t want anyone

Conflating my sexuality

To a fetish or a fixation

It just isn’t, it is many things

Many complicated moving things, that are

Always shifting.

Kink and queer are not the same thing

Nothing is one thing, or two things

Everything is many things

Please stop distilling me down

Till I’m nothing–

I’m starting to steam.

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