I say cunt a lot

Here in the blog


Never on the podcast

And almost

Never ever ever

In real life omg Jesus never

I would never say that

In poetry–

Cunt has quite a good

Punt to it,

You know what I mean?

You can really

Toss your reader

Through a window

With a good proper

C. u. n. t.

Makes them go


This them is

Not like the other thems–

This one seems to be

A misogynist as well, like me!!”

Right you are bud

I also hate men

I hate everyone

I don’t choose sides I am

Mad about the idea

That I have to choose a side

About fucking anything

I should be able

To be me

Without explaining

My “identities”

Or fucking

Whatever else in hell

You godawful cunts expect from me

I am not a

Happy lady and I’m not a

Funny guy I am a

Sad cunt and I’m

Waiting to die, but to be honest

With all of you

As honest and

Blunt as I can be–

I am going to sit

On the sidelines

Eating popcorn and

Making commentary

Until mother nature’s cunt


Swallows me whole–

Cuntry rooooooads

Take me home

To the earth

I belong!

Deep within her

Mountain mamma

Cuntry roads

Take me home

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