Fuck You With My Opinion

I am sure that others feel this way

This explains all the art, but–

I just can’t get over

The non stop barrage

Of misunderstandings

So easily and so effortlessly happening

Between me and

Absolutely everyone

I assume that this is

Dysphoria where

They see me as something

I am not and

I see myself as I am

But how could anyone talk to me

As if I am some stupid bitch

I am the know-it-all

Who knew it all

And then some

And if you start to fucking argue with me

I get so dominant I almost

Lose my shit and then people say I am

Confused or emotional or something but

Honestly I am just trying to

Fuck you with my opinion

I love fucking and I am

Very opinionated, to me it is like

Peanut butter and chocolate except

It doesn’t raise your blood sugar

Just your heart rate.

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