WTF All Of This Shit Is So Easy

Also like


All the instruments

All of them play

Are so fucking easy

I’m not saying that

Difficulty is important

Or relevant

I’m just saying that

They’re literally just like

Playing synth keyboard

With two chords marked off with

Brightly colored masking tape

So they remember where to go

for what song…

And are being hailed as

Accomplished instrumentalists

What the fuck is happening

If I bought a kazoo

And broke your heart with it

Does that make me a

Hobo or a

Musical genius?

When I work on the

Early music series it takes me literally

Hours to practice the music

And I still fuck it up like it’s my fucking job

And it takes me so much energy I don’t usually edit, also I think

Mistakes are charming, I like it to be one giant live take.

When I work on

Music from nowadays, like

Halsey and Awkwafina and

All the stuff I have coming up soon for the next

Indie pop series

It’s literally all like

One key, even between artists, honestly

It’s one fucking key

The whole goddamn time

Never ever ever ever anything that surprising or honestly

Nothing that ever goes outside of a single octave

Most all modern melodies are based on

Five notes and I can’t really believe that

You people keep buying tickets

For this garbage

And then seeing a bad show

And saying

“Meh concerts are obnoxious”

Like yeah

The people you are supporting

Are fucking imposters


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