Michael Che Can’t Win

I was watching SNL

I am a big fan, I

Fucking love live entertainment–

Even pre-recorded

I shared an article about how

Transphobic what he said was

And I watched it again

And I agreed, however

Honestly like

From a cis-folk perspective

I doubt people even get it

To them it is simply a fact

He was Bruce

And now she’s Caitlyn

In context, was it truly


Or just being clear?

I mean, no excuses

For making a

Trans joke in reference to

Kanye, the biggest loser I can think of–

I just can’t help but notice that

Michael Che seems to either

Write all of the worst jokes, or they

Give them all the worst jokes, and make

The nice cute white what’s-his-name

Look like he’s holding down the fort

Maybe he writes his own

Transphobic punches, but again

I’m not sure how transphobic

This punchline actually is

I’m sad that

Times are so tough that

I have to throw a fit about this

Even though I laughed and

Thought it was frickin hilarious

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