Transphobic Gay Men

If you participate in the

Gay internet you’ve probably

Heard or seen the word

TERF somewhere, but in case you haven’t

There is a somewhat well organized

Movement of lesbians who hate trans people

And don’t want “trans agenda”

To be part of the gay rights movement.

The thing is

These people exist

And they suck, I wish they would talk to me a bit

Instead of harassing trans people–


There are

Far more 

Transphobic gay men

Transphobic straight people

Transphobic bisexuals

General populous people–

Than there are TERFs

I’m not sure what the term is

For a Gay Exclusionary Men’s Right’s Activist

I guess it would be a


But like

Again with the stupid ass fucking metaphors

I wish people would just

Call it like it is

Transphobia is transphobia

I really don’t think

We need a specific term


Lesbian transphobes

When the

Vast majority of transphobic activity

Comes from just about

Everyone else!

It’s hard to feel like

I’m living in a diverse,

Well-represented community

When gay men make all the rules,

Fight all the wars, and

There isn’t even a word

For those who silence me.



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