Oh Yes Sorry—I Am Biased And I Don’t Pretend To Hide It Like You Idiots Do

I am biased

I do my best

Not to be biased

Against anyone

But I am

Shamelessly biased in-favor

Towards certain nouns

Like people, places and

Gay things.

Gay nouns.

Female nouns.

Non-binary nouns.

My music series is

Downright unbalanced

And I’m never

Ever going to change

I might have some other

Categories but honestly

I am so, so incredibly proud

To be the most biased

LGBTQAI podcast on the internet

I am biased towards

All the gayest things

From an afab perspective

If I seem

“Too biased” to you or somehow


It’s probably because

You aren’t who I

Intend to speak to–


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