White Privilege

When you talk to white people

About privilege

You get basically

Two responses.

1. I don’t have privilege

2. I have privilege and I feel guilty

If you feel


About your fucking privilege

Do all of us a favor

And leap off of a bridge

You aren’t doing anyone

Any favors

By complaining about how

Disastrous everyone else’s life is

By comparison to you

And your incredible privilege

Why don’t you go start a

Fucking charity about it

You fucking idiot

As for me?

Well, I’m white

I had some privileges but

Not as many as I’d like

I had the misfortune of being born

A thing, then being transformed into

A Cushing’s pity party blimp

So I don’t feel

Particularly privileged

I feel quite

Mad about the things

can change

Not sad

For everyone

Who isn’t

Exactly like me

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