I’m A Trans Guy And I Don’t Bind

Binding is miserable

My tits are

Medium large ish

I don’t care

That some people call me she

Because of them

I’m non-binary so it just

Doesn’t sting so bad to me


Is much worse, to me

Than being misgendered

I’m bigger and honestly

Being fat is enough of a pain

In my back and on my organs

I’m plenty compressed as-is


I personally

Don’t think it helps me pass

At all

I also think

Fat guys have breasts

Smaller than mine but

They have them

I don’t feel


I know other trans guys

That don’t bind

I just wish people

Would stop breaking their ribs

And tearing their skin

I used to wear sports bras so tightly

I have scars about six inches

On each side


I don’t bind

Also because

I already have

Scars from trying poorly

I’d rather just

Live and orgasm and

Bench with a little extra


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