Make Your Own Way

There is a lot of pressure

On trans people

To pass as cis–

Which they are not.

They might identify as binary

But no matter how far you go

You can’t transition into having

Never transitioned.

I am a bit at odds with

Conventional trans resources

The youtube accounts

The celebrities

The pamphlets and the

Cis allies screaming

At the TERFs

None of it speaks to me

And none of it seems to be helping

As much as real trans people

Being real and existing

And talking to people about their experiences

So I am trying to do that

I also just

Don’t care about passing

Or being anything

I’m just trying to live

And make sense of each day

I wish people would

Talk more about their experiences

And less about their brand

But who am I to say

I’m also just somebody

Trying to make their own way

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