Petition: Let’s Take The Gender Out Of Sexuality

Heyyyy Everybody !

I’ve noticed a few things

People are always so

Angsty about the label

Bisexual and the label

Lesbian, and some people

Hate the word gay ect–

What if we just

Went ahead

And took the gender

Out of sexuality


All of these words have

Gender attached to their meaning

Perhaps we can keep

The same words, perhaps

Let’s say…

That if you’re gay–

You love men.

If you’re bi

You love both.

If you’re lesbian

You love women–

See it just

Doesn’t fucking work

It makes no sense–

Let’s just go ahead

And take the participant’s gender

Out of the equation,


No more straight people.

Just saying “straight” at all

Implies that other things

Are a deviation.

If you’re a woman

Who loves men

You’re gay.

If you’re a man

Who loves women

You’re a lesbian.

If you’re a woman

Who loves both

You’re bisexual.

If you’re nonbinary

And you’re only attracted

To men sexually–

You’re gay.

If you’re nonbinary

And you’re only attracted to women sexually

You’re a lesbian.

If you’re nonbinary

And you’re only attracted

To nonbinary people

I think the best way to describe you

With the most efficient labeling system

Would be bisexual, but of course

Pansexuals and

Polysexuals can self-label as they wish

As with anything else

I’m not trying to crimp anyone’s style

It seems that these labels mean slightly different things

To different people, and as with

All identities, so I guess

I am being pushy

I blame the T


Doesn’t this make sense?

I mean, isn’t it

Awfully binary

To insist that

A sexuality comes with an

Assigned gender!?!?!

I guess homo and hetero might work but

Not if your gender isn’t

One or the other…

I think we need a new system

We need new labels, and I think

It’s time we acknowledge that

Sexual appetites have little or

Nothing to do

With an individual’s gender

2 Replies to “Petition: Let’s Take The Gender Out Of Sexuality”

  1. pouringtruth

    I liked reading this a lot… I find many of these labels confusing because of everything you just said. I feel like people are not their bodies and that bodies are not what makes a person and that so many people have never even considered that 🤷‍♀️

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