“That Kind” of Queer Person

I should also definitely redo


I mean, it updates

Just as often as racism, it blends in

It adapts and it doesn’t have plans

To die soon.

I think nowadays it is most common

To pick a side

Much less common to hate all queers–

So difficult to disguise!

It’s easy if your

Best friend is gay and your

Son is too but you just

Can’t handle how dykey and awful

Sue is at work because you just plain

Don’t like Sue, it’s got nothing to do with her

Ugly ass haircut, loud mouth and suit.

Or if you are a lesbian

Who loves her straight guy friends

But can’t fucking stand

That awful twink in your biology class

Who can’t shut up about how many

Dicks he can fit in his ass after the

College pride party you’d never dare go to

Because you fucking hate queer people

Except for the girls you’re fucking

Quietly in the library bathroom

Anyway, I think that it’s

Uncommon for people

To hate all queer people, and

Extremely common for people

To be biased against

“That kind” of queer person


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