Bare-Bottomed Foolishness

You see–

I don’t like porn.

I watch it pretty often,

I love crash pad and I love

Pornography but I don’t

“Like porn”

If you know what I mean.

I like


It’s a very different thing.

I like intimacy !

People, communicating

I like music and

Giggling and silliness and

Orgasming, things that seem

To have nothing to do

With pornography–

A video art form

That uses cinematography.

I like sex, and fucking

And I write poems about it

Because the way our society

Talks about sex

Makes no sense to me


I want to talk about sex

Honestly and frankly and

If I have to make a

Total ass of myself

At least that way

Someone might get off

Staring at my bare-bottomed foolishness

The way I sometimes do

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