Obesity Is A Disease, And Not Everyone Has it.

People who’ve lost

10-20lbs telling people who need to lose

160lbs how to do it, and

What worked for them, and

Generally being super supportive and encouraging

For their “lifestyle change”

Think they are being helpful

But all they are doing is contributing

To the insane idea

That losing 160lbs

Is the same as losing

5 over and over and over again– a


Charming, and marketable slogan, but

Ultimately false.

Increments work for some things but

Obesity is a disease, with many components.

Most people haven’t

Conquered this disease

Which is characterized by

Excess fat, but causes

Serious health problems that have

A lot more to do with their

Bloodwork than it does


Of course lifestyle has an impact, but

Your healthy lifestyle–

As someone who’s never been fat

Is not a success! It is

A continuation of status.

Someone who is diseased, and has to

Overcome a disease, is not in the same

Situation as someone who is healthy.

You should not be offering advice to someone

With a different problem than you.

It’s easy for people to understand

That depressed people

Should be on different medicine

Than people with schizophrenia

But for some reason

Whenever I try to explain

How harmful it is

For people to be giving advice

For the disease they don’t have

They tell me I’m in denial about something

They won’t/can’t acknowledge themselves

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