Shortest Memoir Ever

I know that this

Goes against

A lot of what I believe

About age and experience and

Storytelling, however–

I have a friend

Who is supposedly going to

Write a memoir

About their experiences

Working in a “crazy intense field”

As a woman

Which is like

Something that I am

A huge fan of and support completely


The person in question

Is not even 30

They are, I think, about


Which isn’t super young let’s be real

But as far as memoirs go

Wouldn’t that be kinda


I mean

What the fuck

Have you learned

That makes you think

You need to write a fucking memoir

As if things are over?

Aren’t you supposed to write a memoir

When you’re almost dead or something?

Or when someone you loved

Tremendously dies too early?

You write a memoir

To commemorate them!?

What the fuck does memoir

Mean to you animals!?!

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