What The Fuck Am I Doing

Hey everybody

You’re tuning into

Mad About It,

I’m your host–


Becky with the Good Hair

That’s right,

It’s me.

This podcast is about

My unique set of biases


Queer, Genderqueer, Trans

Music, television, movies, books

And whatever else has been

Driving me absolutely crazy

Often I’ll take a topic

And go on a rant

For an hour or so, until I feel like

You get the gist, and then I’ll

Repeat myself a few times.

I play brass instruments but I love

My bass guitar boy toy–

He narrates and distracts and sometimes

Cracks a musical joke or two, if you

Pay attention. I don’t think a lot of people

Pay attention to both I mean duplicity

Is a bitch to some but if you

Smoke weed, honestly

You should have no problems

Understanding the podcast

Ta ta, muah muah.

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