“You Are Very Likely Neurodiverse” and Other Things The Internet Says To Me

Wtf yo

I guess I’m

Autistic or some shit

Damn vaccines got me, bruh

I’ve suspected this

For a while now but

Some organization I contacted

Reached out and told me–

Take this bigass quiz

Where well tell you

What you’re likely to

Line up with, based on other people

With aspies

So I did

And they’re like

“You are very likely neurodiverse”

157/200 points for the asperger’s test


64/200 points for being normal

I failed normal and

Passed atypical with flying colors

Perhaps this is why

I’ve been avoiding all of this

Autistic media representation

Same reason I had such a beef

With the trans guy in my high school

I fucking am and

It’s a lot to handle

Thank god my parents hated

Queers and autistics

Otherwise I might’ve known

I was one

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