Felt The Same As Me

One time I spent

All of my time with a

Really nice girl who was

Just like me. She was

Tall and butch and played the

Tuba, she loves kids and wanted to

Make her life about teaching them

She was perhaps like me but

Softer and more she

She spent every waking

Moment with me

We walked and talked and

Went out to eat, we even

Stayed up late talking about

Girls and tits and video games

She was bi and she was obsessed with

Some other tuba guy but now that I

Think about it he looked exactly like me

I think it’s a bit rude but I

Never noticed any of this, I was

Way too busy being obsessed

With some girl who wasn’t into me

Who I guess now is actually

In love with me, that’s a whole

Different story– lmfao

Right when I think I’m not

Really a lesbian clearly my life tells

A different selection. Anyway

I never noticed how much this girl

Gave to me until I took it all and barely even

Thanked her for it. I think perhaps

The way I treated her makes me a bad person

But honestly

I was just so hopelessly in love

With this other person

I barely even noticed that they

Felt the same as me

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