Bruckner Busts My Balls

One time my

Art teacher forgot her

Ipod and couldn’t play

Patti Smith all day

So she asked if anyone

Had some music to share

She looked at me because she

Knew I was a music major

And I enthusiastically replied

“Yes! Let me DJ!”

But I only had my phone

And at the time I had no

Streaming subscription so

I only had a download

Of the excerpts I was working on

At the time

So I played

Bruckner 7

For the whole

Three hour period

Dedicated to still life

Painting apples ect.

Honestly after that

Nobody looked at me the same

They all thought I was

Some crazy organist

With a country twang

I tried explaining

But I couldn’t find the words

What was I supposed to say?

I love all music, my soul is

Pure funk and I love

Slapping my bass?

Nobody believes you when

Bruckner is blasting his dark,

Dickless insecurities

In everybody’s intimate space

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