everything hills

My soul is big.

A lot bigger


Much, much more complicated

Than “genderqueer” or

“genderfluid” or

Whatever the fuck the most popular

label is nowadays.

It’s bigger than my body

Bigger than my mind

Bigger than the dick in my head

Even bigger than

My oversized clit

My soul is not

Gendered, it doesn’t use


My soul is not limited

To the light that gets refracted

Into your little pupils

My soul is infinite and

When I die

The earth with climax

Squirt me right out

On the other side

Start a new life over there

Being just as

Enormous as I was

Over here

My soul is so huge

how huge is it, Becky?”

My soul had to transition

In order to get enough perspective

To see around itself

I climbed my own peak and now

I see I am the mountain, or as

God calls them–

everything hills.

I am everything, so much so

That when I cry

Rifts rumble, earthquakes shake and

Mountains are formed

That’s why they’re called

Everything hills, because

I feel everything and

When I start to cry

All of everything comes

Tumbling from deep inside me

Where everything hails

Because I am everything

A soul too big

Too massive, too ripe and

Too loud for one life, one perspective

Too much for one name

Too much for one country, a mountain

Range can span whole continents and yet

Everyone is trying to claim ownership

Over my everything hills

No one can own everything, only

Everything can be everything.

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