Mad About It Musings


You probably don’t but

I do…

Do you remember when I was

Writing like

500,000 poems a day

About how I’m probably going to

Transition and end up some

Handsome buff guy that

Everyone likes for no reason?


It’s happening.

Sooner than anticipated, and

I am still angry, but I’m kind of interested

In how I can use my new superpowers

My friend was like

“You should put your face on the podcast–

People will enjoy identifying with your actual face”

Now that the cushing’s is subsiding and the

CPap is working and the testosterone is really

Really kicking my ass into gear, I think perhaps

He might be right, but–

Only because

The world is very wrong

The world is very wrong about me

I am not getting more valuable

I am getting less

I am turning into normal, and before

I was abnormal, my perspective was

Tremendously rich in antioxidants and

Perspective that few ever get

Now I am a buff guy with a

Booming voice and a body

Made for sex, and yet

I am still angry

I am still mad

I see often

“Die mad about it!”

On other trans meme pages ect.

I laugh

Every single time

Not only because my podcast is called

Mad About It

But because

I am mad

For forever

And I do not choose

I am stuck here

Being fucking furious

And now everyone thinks I’m a

Man, I guess.

It makes me much happier, they are all

Much more afraid of pissing me off

It’s ridiculous

I have so much more respect

From everyone

Than I used to

I’m not a fat lady anymore, I’m a

Handsome young man who’s got

The most beautiful hair

And I suppose I am supposed to be

Grateful, and not

Murderous, like I feel

Anyway, I’ll leave you alone

I just wanted

All of you to know

That I hate you, no matter how

Handsome you think I am.

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