In college I worked

In the music library and I

Always had a shift

During my lunch

And didn’t have any time to eat

So I would bring a

Homemade salad

In a Tupperware

And eat that to the side

Of the working area

So that the library patrons

Couldn’t see me

Breaking the rules

For my lunch. But

It wasn’t actually a rule

For us, just a rule

For them. So

My boss felt it necessary

To come over and

Comment on how

Healthy and delicious

My salads always looked

And the next week I came in

He told me they had a new rule

Where the workers couldn’t eat

“Full meals” on break, only snacks

He told my supervisor he was

“Disgusted watching fatty eat

And the hard boiled eggs smelled terrible”

So for the rest of the quarter

I ate my salad

Walking to rehearsal afterwards

And then

A violinist started following me

Marveling are how

“Good I was at walking while eating–

I’d never seen anyone

Eat a full meal while walking”

So she had to accompany me

I guess

I still have no idea

If she was being friendly

Or if I was just

Part of an exhibit

So I changed my route

And started snacking on

Peanuts for lunch

You can’t be fat

And do anything

Without comment

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