My Own Personal Prophet

The thing that makes me

The most embarrassed and

Ashamed about my ex

And that whole relationship

Is that she really, really tried

To tell me

So many times

I’m so many ways and maybe even

A few different languages

That she

Fucking hated me

And loathed spending

Every second she spent with me

She showed this clearly for

A really long time until finally

She had to break me off


So that I’d stay away, which

Worked, but

The real reason I couldn’t

Stay away from her

In the first place

Was because she was telling me

All of my deepest darkest fears and

Secrets and inadequacies

As if they were

Absolute truths about me

So I kinda felt obligated

To stick around and listen to

My own personal prophet

A god connected to

The future I was always

Living, seeing and believing

I asked her why things

Never got better and she

Asked me why it mattered

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