Being Fat Is Punishment Enough— The Heckling Is Not Motivating


It’s me

The thing you

Screamed out of your car at

The one you

Pushed at the grocery store

And “moo’d” at

“Stupid cow doesn’t need to

Buy any more fat, the celery

Is over there!!”

Maybe I’m the friend

You didn’t invite to your

Wedding because I

“Wouldn’t fit in


With everyone else

In the pictures”

Or maybe

I’m the girl you dated

For practice and spent

The whole time degrading–

Oops I mean motivating —

Either way I just

Wanted to let you know

That being obese is

Plenty of reminding

Plenty of learning

Plenty of harsh truths you need accepting

Not a second of my life have I thought

“I don’t need to lose weight”

The only people

Accusing body positivity

Of being something other than

A healthy strategy

Are the ones who desire

To punish me

As long and as hard

As they possibly can

Until I am

“Motivated to change”

The number one problem

With this plan

Is that I

Already am

Your cruel ignorance

Your inability to recognize

My humanity

The inability to accept the

Cold hard fact that

I am doing my best

With a problem

You’ve never had

The concept

Of me being somehow

Unaware of my fat

Is more bewildering

And confusing

Than any insult

Or any heckle

Or any of the times

My sister punched me

In my

“Numb fat gut”

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