A Reason To Thrive

The most powerful

Most cunning

Most manipulative

Most bizarre

Most unexpected

Least predictable

Most intrusive

Most dominant quality

A human can have

Is kindness

I’ve read so much about how

Mankind has triumphed through

War and rape and plague

Learned enough history to make me

Want to change my race

And yet I’ve never read anything

About the dangers of

Kindness, and it’s many

Well-intentioned faces

Perhaps violence and conquering are what

Propel the species, or perhaps

The kindest people

Have been the pacemakers

The ones who teach and generate the love

That seems to be endless, you know

The force! The shit the toga party people say

The stuff that keeps us all awake

And the thing that makes art, well–

Art, and not just something you throw away.

I think more than the violence

More than the tragedy

What binds people is a shared hope

For love

~I know that that’s what all the other poets say~

But seriously I mean

We’ve been selectively breeding

Like slow-motion GMO’s

For like

A whole bunch of centuries


That’s like

A show that never got cancelled, well–

Until the writers quit and the plot

Got too hot and now it’s all going to hell —

But seriously —

Something has to be making the show work

Even if it’s just it’s obsessive bizarre fandom

I know I know

There are some really bad episodes

And some really bad characters

But I can’t possibly understand

Why any of these scenes would happen

If there wasn’t some sort of

Bittersweet, cynical yet oddly uplifting

Canonized ending, the kind that

Always figures out something, somehow

Always figures out a way to survive

Always finds something to love

A reason to thrive

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