Testosterone “Logic”

Ugh I am so angry

I was reading stories of

Testosterone weight loss

Tryin to find people who’ve had

Experiences like mine

And some guy was like

“It doesn’t make it much easier–

Women and men have an equally hard time

Losing weight, the real difference is

Women have way more to lose!

It’s not as hard to go from

240 to 200, but

Women have to go from

240 to 120, which is

A lot harder”

I guess

In this persons world

200lbs is not

Overweight for a man

And 120lbs

Is the normal healthy weight

For a woman


I mean

You can’t make this shit up

The double standard was

Quadrupled in the logic itself

Just in case

You don’t understand what I’m getting at

A 200lb man

Is still fat as fuck

And a 120lb grown woman

Is a half-dead cunt

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