Fat People Are Dumb

Fat people are dumb

This is what I have been taught

This is what the studies indicate

This is what the doctors know

This is what they all say

They, being everyone

Absolutely everyone

No matter how smart

That someone is, they will often insist

That fat people’s brains

Don’t work as well as thins

I can’t help

But see the obvious

My Cushing’s syndrome

My abuse, and my

Sleep apnea have undoubtedly

Caused my brain and my body

And my emotions great stress

I am stressed–

Not about work, not about relationships

Not about the mother who treated me with

Pity and disgust —

I am stressed by a condition

That makes my skin bloat and stretch

And my face swell till it cracked and bled

I have without a doubt

Been damaged by all of this

But there is something else

I’ve learned

During my stay here

On this hell mound

With all of you idiots–

My brain could be

Damaged beyond belief,

Unrecognizable and

Barely functioning

And I’d still be

Smarter than

All of you

Operating at

“Full speed” yet somehow

Totally incapable of empathy

Perhaps I would be smarter

If I hadn’t been broiled alive

I know I’d be happier

I spend a lot of time

Wondering what would have happened

If none of this came when it did

If I hadn’t been such a little kid

And then I remember

How dumb it is to daydream about the

What if’s

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