I Want A Trans Man For President

Dykes are so last century !

I want the kind of president

Who packs for two kinds of evenings

I don’t want some

Well-polished Ivy League sissy—

I want a power-bottom

Thick-legged hairy boy pussy

Driving this fucking

Oil-chugging, gas-guzzling

Bottomless pit of a cuntry.

I want the kind of trans representation

That keeps the conservatives up at night

I want a dyke who said

Enough is enough—

I’d rather be

A self-made man

In a lonely world

Than a bitch in someone else’s”

I want a leader

With the kind of confidence

That needs no reassurance

I want a trans man for president

A living patriot, a veteran of

Many wars,

I want to vote for someone

Who took charge enough

To change who they are —

But at this point

I’ll settle for anyone who can

Dump Trump

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