10 More Signs You Might Be Genderqueer

1. You hate gender indiscriminately

2. You get mad at other people’s gender(s) for no reason

3. You are gendered and you don’t understand why

4. Pink? Blue? Yellow? Green? Fuck all of it—you’re colorblind

5. When people use any pronouns at all you scream uncontrollably

6. When you hook up with someone you ask them if it’s okay for you to switch your genitals out for another set

7. Your other set of genitals aren’t really biological

8. You have multiple partners and they all call you different names and different genders

9. Your picture is on the wall at the DMV because you come in there and try to get your gender removed every week and they have to ask you to leave

10. You are an octopus tentacle monster who can’t be a cam girl because the world isn’t ready for you yet

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