Until Further Notice

My old name was wrong.

Poor fit no doubt.

Never really identified with

Any of it other than one

Very important detail—

Simplicity. !

No one ever goes

“What the hell—“

When I tell them my name

Except for

Well, now I guess —

Because my given name

Doesn’t fit how I look, much at all

To anyone. So now

I say I’m her

And they say

“Uhhhhhhh okay buddy”

Which is weird as hell

I mean that is

The name I was given,

I never asked for it

I won’t start now

Sure it’s weird that he has her name

But personally I thinks it weird

To change your own name.

No one asks for their name —

Everyone is assigned a name.

It’s organizational, if anything

I’ve never seen a file folder

Get up and move to a different section

Because they felt “misgendered”

And yet here I am

Picking up all of my files

Trying to move myself somewhere

I haven’t been before, asking a

Bunch of people who were arbitrarily assigned

The same way I was

How I go about changing my

File name, when the contents of the

Folder are identical

I dunno I’m sure I’m making a

Mountain out of a molehill but

It makes no sense to change my name

So I’ve resigned to being nameless—

Until further notice

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