They’re Just Plants

They’re just plants,


Who cares if they

Live or die

They grow quick and they

Eventually expire so

What does it matter if that’s

Now or never?

Oh right, I am a

Gardener and I am

In charge of them and

I am tasked to protect, nurture and

Defend them, but

I cannot defend them against

Ignorance or greed or

Some other mammal’s need to feed

No matter what I get

Upset when a plant dies

For reasons besides me

I can’t explain it but

They aren’t just plants

When I’m taking care of their environment

They are citizens and

I am their government, I can’t just

Sit back idly while I watch someone else

Kill them, I clearly need a

Military or at least some

Laws in place, that way

When there’s a threat I can

Pursue appropriate punishment,

An eye for an eye, or a

Leaf for a leaf.

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