Skin As Gender

It’s been more than a year now

Since I started t, and I have to say

That the most noticeable thing

Is my skin and how much it has changed.

I used to think that

Men and women were just built differently,

But now I see that we are the same. However—

Skin is everything. The thickness, the softness

The hairiness and the density.

All of these variables are new to me

In a skin so familiar I often forget

How delicate I used to feel, without my consent.

More than genitals and more than tits,

Skin is the organ that is changed the most

By my hormonal patterns, man-made or natural.

I never doubt whether or not

I am a man, any more— due to the

Overwhelming abundance of change all over.

No one could confuse me for a woman

With a hard, hot, sweaty hairy body staring back at them.

I introduced myself with my deadname, and

Not even I believed it.

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