Cancel MAI!!!

None of my straight cis hetero friends

Have abandoned me since starting the podcast

Only gay ones have

Perhaps they are too triggered or something?!

Somebody totally unrelated rage-quit my page a few weeks ago

Because I wouldn’t call Jk Rowling a cunt

Wasn’t a straight person, btw—

Only queers rage-quit MAI

Nobody who is adjacent to queer thoughts

Is offended by what I post

Only people who are made uncomfortable

Want to shut me down, people who have a reaction

People who identity and people who feel they have more share in the stake

The stake, in this case, being —

My identity, my voice, my bass and my writing.

Queer people are the only ones I’ve met so far

Who want me to stop talking

They think I’m redundant, reductive

A bitch who can’t stop whining —

All the meanwhile they do nothing.

If I was listened-to I wouldn’t need to keep repeating myself.

I’m interested in hearing new voices, not silencing dissenters

Anyone new who brings up something

For the first time

Is silenced for being

“Not right”, when in fact it is their own shut mind.

My mistake, in this case

Was being born female, not on the right side

I have to be somehow happy about that

Happy about changing, happy about the “joy of transitioning”

For some reason even as a man I unable to be angry

Neither gender is allowed to be mad about anything

And yet trans people exist

I don’t know how else to put it but

One day I got so mad I fucking changed genders

And this is my story

If it makes you uncomfortable

If you think I’m trying to “brainwash you into being trans”

I am sorry, my gay-ass-friend

But it bothers you because

You feel like I’m telling your story the wrong way

But it isn’t your story at all

It’s mine

The way it’s always been

If you’re MaD aBoUt ThAt then

Start your own fucking podcast instead

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