Men Are The Same As Women

I wonder when the message will be

That men are the same as women

Instead of

Women are “equal to” men

Equal to

Insinuates a standard

Standards, here, being the problem.

We don’t need to

“Build up women’s voices”

We need to appreciate the ones

That are already talking

And the only way

Any man could ever learn

To appreciate women

Is to see how he is one

That his feelings are the same

That his fears are the same

That his protective instincts are shared

How he is strong in some ways and she is

Strong in many others. People are not

Made of gender, they are made of love—

Respect, appreciation.

If you aren’t loving, respecting

Appreciating each other

“Conquering gender roles”

Isn’t going to do much.

Work with what you have, and focus on the

Love for what you have in common, the

Love for who you are.

If gender matters a lot to you

You might be preoccupied with something

About yourself.

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