Abolish Gender Markers…?


I keep bashing my head in around

Non-binary representation

And the various meaningful ways

Someone could achieve this

And I can’t help but think

That the problem is

Identifying as one or the other —

There is no room for third, in a binary

So in order to express yourself

Wouldn’t it be easier to just

Take away the markers?

What do we need them for? Identification?

Isn’t that mostly height, weight, eye color —

All the other descriptors?

My sex is legally female—

If the cops sent out a search for me

I’m pretty confident they’d ask me

On the street if they saw me.


Well, at this point

They wouldn’t even understand

How this guy is a woman

So again I wonder

What’s the point of marking something

That moves, shifts and follows

Whoever’s perspective is looking

Completely ignoring the obvious

That men and women look too similar

To be able to rely on such a system?

I’m not saying

Abolish gender?!?!

I’m saying get rid of the fucking markers

In my case, the labeling is

More than a bit misleading.

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