Individually Strong

I feel like

This should go without saying

But not everyone agrees, so I

Will poem-it:

Being trans

Doesn’t give you the right

To belittle cis perspective —

Being trans

Gives you the perspective

To not belittle other people

And yet all I see are

Hurt people hurting people

Competing for injuries and

Silencing others

In the name of “progress”

As if not listening has

Resulted in anything other than

More pain, less understanding.

If you hear someone’s perspective

And hate it, you should

Make your stance, plant a seed

And let them water it

You can’t force anyone or anything to grow

You can only take care of yourself

You also need room to grow

Room for roots

So make sure you are

Spaced out enough

To grow deep within yourself

Living in harmony, but

Individually strong

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