Share Myself/Poly

I used to think I wanted to Share myself, with as Many people as I could Feel strongly for. I used to think I was Made of love, and that I was destined to be A lover for many, many More than just one person. Now, I wonder Endlessly, about the state Of one another. […]


I called And I got an appointment With someone who Specializes in Kids and adults with Hypercortisolism In less than 20 minutes, in a Different city In three days First thing in the morning Now I have to get there, And somehow manage To stay Cool

All of the Above

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh My ocarina cartridge Is out of battery And won’t recharge itself Until tomorrow My wii controllers Are all out of batteries And even the Cordless wii bar I had to buy because My cat chewed through Two different cords. Now I’m like I guess I’ll play Skyrim On my refurbished PS3 That turns off […]

Now Everybody Knows

Oh ok So I guess Now everybody knows And everybody agrees Everyone is Searching for Photos of me Ballooning Everyone is Willing to drive to Cleveland for my Appointment. Everyone knows I’m Not lying Everyone knows I’ve been trying as Hard as anyone could Everyone knows My bones are Weaker than they should be Everyone […]

On You

I have been Terribly sad Since we stopped talking I have found Other people They’ve helped, but I am so Pained by this I think What hurts me the most Is that even if I reached out I would still Feel the way I did Out of the loop and Beneath you Buried under a […]