• Misery, With Company

    Lately I’ve been A version of myself That I’ve never met— Doing things I Don’t know — Learning enough to make my Chest hair grow. Lately I go to bed […]

  • Co-Ed Sports

    All sports should be co-ed. Placement on team based on Tryouts. If a cis woman Is amazing, she shouldn’t be forced To only compete against women— All the best female […]

  • The Obvious

    People seriously Saying things like “Where is my straight pride parade?!?” “Where is my straight pride?!?” Meanwhile I have become “Straight” in the public eye And since I have had […]

  • Individually Strong

    I feel like This should go without saying But not everyone agrees, so I Will poem-it: Being trans Doesn’t give you the right To belittle cis perspective — Being trans […]

  • This Has-Been Nonsense

    I wasn’t aware That I needed to announce My disapproval of Harry Potter and JK Rowling Every fifteen seconds In order to be “Taking a stance” (Trans?) The fuck kind […]