• TV Nation

    I think it’s odd how much Stuff I share from Other countries about My own— I’m like Literally living here And y’all are not I often feel like America went […]

  • My Biggest Tell

    So far Being a man seems to be Being silent And being unwilling To work with others. My biggest tell That I’m not one of them Is that I’m willing […]

  • A War Inside Myself

    When I ask myself About top surgery — My insides scream. If I were to listen To my own podcast — To my own advice I would probably Understand that […]

  • Big Fat Titties

    Again Why is it That every man on earth Gets to have Big fat titties— Except for me? I’m seriously thinking about just Cancelling. It’s refundable Within 30 days of […]

  • Circles vs. Lines

    You can either Walk in a circle Of hopelessness Or You can fall on your face In a new direction Starting a new line And never look back