The more comfortable I get With having a dick The more comfortable I am Looking at them It’s weird I used to be like Hmmmm, oddfellow Now I’m like Hmmmm that’s like Manhood, sorta Maybe I dunno. I can’t help But feel that manhood Is making your woman Cum in different tongues Doing Whatever you’ve […]


Again like I’m sure there are some people in my life Who will be “offended” That I didn’t tell them or Come out to them, but the truth is They made it so unbearable To talk to them as a fat female whale, What am I supposed to do? Go up and announce myself!? The […]

White, Straight Male Magic Unicorn Friend–You Are Too Good To Mention, So I Don’t.

I’ve been giving Entirely too much air time To people that don’t matter or exist fully As individuals. It’s really pretty dumb And selfish of me to not point out How many people have been Helpful! Genuinely! Particularly my Straight male friend with Nothing to lose Who listens to every single episode Checks in when […]


Your idea of Pathetic, is my idea of Brave. Your idea of Confidence, is my idea of Cowardice. Your idea of Professional, is my idea of Game. I try to live truthfully, up to a Code I made Mostly as a way To make sense Of the lawlessness Infecting human brains Insisting that some of […]

The Ring

Since transitioning My favorite thing to do Is sing I never knew How much I liked singing Before I started to notice The ring in my voice I think it’s been ringing Since the beginning But I only just now Feel like picking it up