I don’t think I am Addicted to sex I don’t need it to survive But– I will say that Sex–more than Anything else Makes me feel Like I’m alive


Now that I know you Feel more than You claimed to I can’t help but Wonder if you Dreamed about Fucking me the way I do every time I close my eyes

Stalk Me

Instead of Breadcrumbs I have been leaving Prickly bits– Tacs and Legos and Pins with needles and Bent paper clips. Broken glass, Coarse ground salt Mixed with Blood and piss. Now– If you Really want to Stalk me, You’re going to Have one Hell of an Experience.  

Guys Only, Yo

You guys wanna Get together and Blow our Lips into Metal cups and make Masculine tones Until our Boners die down So we can Drive home? Guys only, yo

No One Cares

Literally No one cares That I have Cushing’s syndrome Except for me It has Made sense of Everything The hair The broken bones The bleeding The pains The stretch marks The emotional instability All of it Lining up with a diagnosis Diagnosed and now In the exact same Situation as I was Trapped in a […]