Kill Bill Vol. 3 Ballade of Becky’s Bullies

I quite enjoy Quentin Tarantino He is one of my favorites He seems to understand The raw sexual thrill Of watching women Kill men Theatrically I would very much enjoy Starring in a third volume Mr. Tarantino, please? I don’t have Excellent feet But I do have Excellent bullies As well as a Built-in gender […]

Beware of Motorcycles

My grandma On her deathbed Told my mom To tell me To beware of motorcycles Now I wonder If this isn’t some sort of Symbol worth avoiding Anywhere it appears I wonder if I shouldn’t be Afraid of the Motorcycle men Who are relatively unstable Meddling with affairs Beyond their comprehension Too proud to admit […]


Usually When I’m in a crowd I fucking panic I resort to As many jokes As I can manage To fit into One conversation They all flop I embarrass myself I say things I don’t believe I say things I don’t mean I usually end With a thick accent As one last Desperate plea To […]

Bitterness/Stonewall/Oh My!

I saw that you Listened to Bitterness after Stonewall so I Guess you’re worried you might Turn up on the podcast You haven’t You won’t You aren’t gonna come up Sorry, bro You’re just not Interesting enough –besides — Why would I Ever let all these Listeners know About the time I lost all hope […]