• Minority Soldiers

    I’m constantly in awe of Black cops, Queer cops— Minority soldiers. “Queer” defenders of Normalcy, beholden. These people are braver than I— They face reality each day and Do what […]

  • Happy Inside Pride!!

    Happy pride month everybody Becky loves pride, he has an excess of it— It gets him into trouble. This year Everyone should be going outside for Black Lives, and staying […]

  • Apocalypse Yas

    What do you write about During the end of the world? Do you write about What’s happening, or do you Escape from reality, do you Keep on playing or do […]

  • I Can’t Imagine Being Black

    If beings trans Is anything, at all like Transgressing a racial boundary Then I can’t for the life of me Imagine being black. Gender is pre-assigned, The same way race […]

  • Overwatch Is Gay

    Not subtle, folks. Not even LGBTQAI Just gay G Like the RuPaul crowd kind Straight-acting, white and gay all over Some of these folks even have to Compensate with their […]