• Ben Shapiro Seems Gay

    Very Anybody who is still talking about The new Star Wars is obviously Hiding something. Now he’s outraged By Cardi b Because she has a wet pussy — There’s a […]

  • Shame

    What’s the point of Going on about pride when All I have is shame inside

  • Precisely.

    I think it’s time I admit That I used to hate him. They told me to They would say “Hahahahhahahah Look at that thing— Gross fat tomboy Gonna grow up […]

  • DPOE

    I think I might be the dumbest person on earth Thank god I don’t have a gender Otherwise I’d be some sort of stereotype— Or worse!!

  • His Comfort

    I have a date for top surgery And all I’ve thought about since Paying the deposit With my savings that I need to Survive on, without income Being between careers […]