• Masturbation Storytime

    During the period of time in my life When I had a roommate That I wasn’t sexually involved with I had this particular sort of Dilemma Where I couldn’t really […]

  • Painting the House Naked

    I feel like my mom lately, I’ve been painting my New house, buck-naked Completely nude Singing along to Gay songs and Being funny and Kinda rude. Cheering people up, While […]

  • So Absurd

    I wonder why Our lives are so Reserved, while our Entertainment is So absurd

  • Shut Up

    I wonder who You’re showing your life to Now that you have All you need, Without anyone else. Why keep showing us If you’re so Self-sufficient? Wouldn’t it be Much […]

  • Share With Me

    I love a woman Possessed– Obsessed with a goal, A passion, a direction. I love when she has Standards of her own Soaring higher than She could explain, Proofed by […]