Unnatural Man

I have always had Big strong wide shoulders And big pecs No matter how swollen My tits get My pecs are somewhat Enormous considering I’m a woman. Now they are getting Humorously huge No comparison To any natural woman I am no longer One of those I am a bit of an Unnatural man

Sex Drive

My mind is now A bit controlled By my sex drive I am still More interested in Other parts of life But lately Everything I see Reminds me of sex Whether I’m in the mood for it Or not, it’s what I’ve got next On my to-fuck-list Everything Even an orchid I was watering Okay […]

Red Dead Redemption

Sorry y’all I have a PS3 that I Bought used when I had Thyroid surgery and Haven’t had much money Since. I have discovered Red Dead Redemption And I no longer Feel as if I’m missing anything Not even the dang Thyroid, even.


I like Other people’s tattoos I like it when People get Tattoos for Their own reasons But personally For me I have lived with Enough tragedy To mark my body Fully and completely I do not need Any more marks Than the ones life Gave me