• What Do You Expect From Ellen

    Is she supposed to be a god? An example ? She did that She does that, on her show usually I don’t watch, honestly Daytime TV depresses me — I […]

  • Idiot

    I think it’s stupid You think I’m stupid I treat you like you Treat me and now You’re mad because I’m treating you like You’re stupid, the way You treat […]

  • Zoning Rules

    It got tiresome Talking to my friends Zoning out when I talk So I decided to make a podcast About all the stuff I love And all the stuff I’m […]

  • It’s Easy To Have Principles That Are Never Tested

    It is. For example It’s one thing to suck a dick— It’s a whole different experience To imply to your dad that you enjoyed it enough To identify as a […]

  • Performative Progressivism

    I couldn’t deal with it any more I had to unfollow and unfriend All of the whiny stupid fake “political philosophers” Who preach and preach and explain how Unbiased and […]